Changing Widgets

There are a lot of things that can be changed in a widget.
There is a pattern to how this works, you simply specify the widget type and the parameter, eg:

This should work for most widgets & containers.
Some widgets have different types, eg. TextArea & ScrolledTextArea, all types can be configured with the main widget name.

Basic Looks

The following options are available for all widgets:

It's possible to change global GUI settings, such as the background and font.
If you need to modify individual settings of a widget, you can access it directly, and use the traditional tKinter methods.

To change the font for a specific widget, try the following:
Font Styles

app.addLabel("l1", "Times")
app.addLabel("l2", "Comic Sans")
app.addLabel("l3", "Helvetica")
app.addLabel("l4", "Sans Serif")
app.addLabel("l5", "Verdana")
app.addLabel("l6", "Courier")

app.getLabelWidget("l1").config(font="Times 20 italic underline")
app.getLabelWidget("l2").config(font=("Comic Sans", "20", "normal"))
app.getLabelWidget("l3").config(font="Helvetica 20 underline")
app.getLabelWidget("l4").config(font=("Sans Serif", "20", "bold"))
app.getLabelWidget("l5").config(font="Verdana 20 overstrike")
app.getLabelWidget("l6").config(font="Courier 20")

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Advanced Looks

The following are supported by most widgets:

Fancy Options

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Widget Manipulation

The following allow widgets to be manipulated on screen:

Grouped Options

The following are convenience functions, for modifying a group of widgets:

tkinter Options

It's also possible to request a widget, and modify it directly: