Drag'n Drop

Drag and Drop functionality is something we're accustomed to in most software.
By default, python and tkinter don't provide it.

We've incorporated a couple of ways to include drag and drop functionality in appJar.

Drag'n Drop Between Widgets

There is a beta version of drag and drop between labels.

Drag'n Drop Between Applications

There is also a beta version of drag and drop between applications - at the moment, this is has been seen to work on Mac OSX and Windows 7 - let us know of success on other versions of Windows!

Certain widgets can be registered to receive Drop events:

Then, if you drag a file or a URI onto one of these widgets, the filename/URI will be copied.

If no function has been set, the contents of the widget will be replaced with the filename/URI.
If you'd rather append the URI/filename - set replace to be False.
If a function has been set, it will be called, passing in the filename/URI as the only paramter.

There is currently no support for registering Drag events.


Note, this is all in beta - long term, the plan is to combine all of this into one set of functions, and provide a unified drag and drop model, that will work across all widgets both within the application and between applications.